weight loss by walking


weight loss by walking

weight loss by walking
weight loss by walking

Effective tips for burning fat while walking



Nutritionists consider walking is one of the easiest ways to burn calories to eliminate excess body weight without a specific diet.

 for an hour slowly removes 100 calories, and walking fast for just one hour a day burns more than 200 calories. Medical studies said that walking also reduces heart and diabetes diseases. It not only helps reduce weight, it removes the toxic fats accumulated in the abdomen. Studies consider walking to be one of the easiest sports you can do not at all.. One of the most important means of helping women to reduce their weight and regain their bride, as well as to practice a simple sport, especially Swedish.


The benefits of walking

You can go slow walking either in the club, by the walk-in electric at home, or on the street. In order to get rid of the weight and get a good ride, you need to follow some simple tips that we’ll give you. The benefits of walking reduce illness walking helps people avoid diabetes and helps people with diabetes control it. It also protects against osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, and blood pressure, and works to prevent cancer.

Feeling energetic and energetic walking for some time daily enhances the feeling of energy, improves fitness, and raises the energy the body needs to get you done.




walking is used to treat the suffering of insomnia diseases to sleep well because it is tired of the body and makes us want to rest.


Delaying diseases of aging


In addition, walking, like most sports, loosens nerves and removes stress, making us just relax. Delaying aging diseases used to walk daily for an hour helps you delay aging diseases and improves your memory level, fighting Alzheimer’s disease.



Walking helps to nappy weight or get rid of excess weight and also coordinate the shape of the body.  Exercising frequently daily reduces your weight, protects you from body fat, and helps you to have a slim body.


Tips to burn fat while walking



The variation between walking in a slow way and a fast way works to burn large amounts of fat in the body. Moving between speed and slow works to call the body to the fat stored in it in order to provide it with the energy it needs.




Being straight while keeping your head high and in an intermediate position between the shoulders, as if you are keeping your shoulders back and lower naturally, and stomach absorption while walking helps to tighten the back muscles, which means burning high calories to get the ideal weight you dream of.


Move around while walking


If you walk on a treadmill, you should get rid of sticking to the handle of the machine unless you suffer from an imbalance on the machine and move your hand back and forth.  Moving the hands forward and backward with a slight grip of the fingers, raising the knees as much as possible and raising the heels to the buttocks are easy and energetic movements that help burn more calories while walking.


Carry a weight


Carrying a bag weighing a few kilos grams in your hand while walking helps refresh your hand muscles, which helps burn more calories.  Do not carry heavy weights if you have back problems.




The oxygen that enters the body by breathing regularly and evenly burns the accumulated fats.  So, make sure to breathe well and regularly while exercising.


Watch out for sunlight


Running under the scorching sun at noon is one of the dangerous things that must be stopped, and this time can be replaced by running in the morning or sunset.  You have to wear cotton clothes and avoid wearing clothes made of nylon, because the sweat mixes with the tissues of these clothes and causes you to have skin sensitivity.

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