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which is better Running or strolling for weight reduction


 which is better Running or strolling for weight reduction

It is regrettable for a person to make an effort to lose weight without noticing any positive results, especially with the keenness to run almost daily, then it becomes clear to him that the evidence is that jogging is not the best way to lose kilograms, compared to walking according to many experts.

Sprinting and negative impact sometimes

 While it is noteworthy that jogging is a sport that is beneficial to a person’s health and form, it becomes clear that the matter is a little different for people with excess weight, as jogging then burns calories, most of them from muscle and not fat, which leads to the body getting a weak and unhealthy shape.

 On the psychological side, jogging also produces stress hormones, known as cortisol hormones, which cause an increase in the desire to eat, especially with the loss of calories from the body, which ends with weight gain as well.

 This is beside the other negative impact, which results from excessive load, with heavy jogging, where the knee and joints are damaged, and it is difficult to continue practicing that strenuous sport, and the body suffers negative damage later, because of that pregnancy.

 Walking is the best

Contrary to all of the above, we find that for those who want to lose weight, walking will achieve many and many advantages compared to jogging, and with walking for only 30 minutes, even on a daily basis.

 Although the percentage of calories that will be lost at that time, will be less than those lost when running, it will not negatively affect the shape of the body and its muscles.

 Weight loss the healthy way

 Losing weight slowly is much better than a rapid decline, as losing kilograms gradually means that the body is still maintaining the balance of calories inside, which means maintaining a steady state of health without any significant risks.

 On the psychological level, we will find that walking does not increase the secretions of the previously mentioned hormone cortisol, which leads to increased feelings of hunger.

 On the contrary, walking increases the body’s secretions of the famous happiness hormones, which are serotonin and dopamine, which means a person’s feeling of satisfaction, as well as enthusiasm that helps to continue practicing this important sport forever.

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