Allowed and forbidden on the keto diet


Allowed and forbidden on the keto diet

The keto diet has become one of the most important diets spread in the current periods, and this system depends on eating protein and healthy fats in exchange for preventing or reducing carbohydrates, so that fats become a source of energy instead of carbohydrates, and it is known that each diet has advantages and disadvantages as well as benefits and harms, and through  This article will cover everything about keto in detail.

Allowed and forbidden on the keto diet
Allowed and forbidden on the keto diet
What is the keto diet

As we mentioned within the previous lines, the keto diet depends on fats and proteins as an alternate to carbohydrates, therefore the liver begins to burn fats within the body, to depend upon it as a wellspring of energy.

Forbidden and allowed within the keto diet

 prohibited within the keto diet

First: carbohydrates

A wide range of starches, for instance , all types of rice, pasta, oats, and every one sorts of bread.

Second: vegetables

Of the vegetables that aren’t eaten on keto are potatoes, , peas and taro (carrots, turnips and beets in small quantities).

Third: dairy products

Skimmed milk and skim milk products: Prohibited generally .

Fourth: Meat

All kinds of processed meats like luncheon, sausage, burgers, beef and hot dogs, unless homemade or from a reliable source.

Fifth: soft drinks

All kinds of sentimental drinks, because they contain sugar and cola also raise insulin within the blood.

Sixth: Margarine

All types of hydrogenated oils, margarine and cheese made up of vegetable oils

Seventh: fruit

All kinds of fruits, because they need a really high sugar content, apart from avocados, berries and strawberries, half a cup every once during a while.

Eighth: legumes

All kinds of legumes are prohibited

Ninth: Chocolate

Chocolate and sweets of all types (one cube of raw chocolate is allowed every period, as long as it’s without sugar and 90% raw cocoa).

Allowed within the keto diet

First: fats

Thus allowed:

olive oil.

Coconut Oil.

Linseed oil.

Avocado oil.

Municipal natural ghee (peasant).

Natural butter without salt (animal 100%) like anchor butter, Lurpak or natural butter.

Second: protein

It is allowed to eat all types of beef protein – liver – lamb – goat – chicken – liver – duck – geese – pigeon – sausage ( homemade ) – buriedger (homemade ) – pastrami.

Fish: tuna – salmon, shrimp … all types of fish.

Eggs: it’s great benefit in losing weight if we keep it during breakfast.

Third: Dairy products and cheese

Permissible cheeses are people who don’t contain sugar or vegetable oils

The best sorts of cheese are people who contain alittle amount of carbohydrates, like roumi cheese, President Feta cheese (blue) – Cheddar – Gouda – Mozzarella – Bar, the balance of Roquefort cheese, as long because it is freed from vegetable oils, because they’re harmful oils.

Fourth, vegetables

Various non-starchy vegetables are low in carbohydrates, additionally to containing dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals such as:

Cucumber – tomatoes – lettuce – broccoli – onions – spinach – molokhia – watercress – parsley – coriander – dill – cauliflower and every one green leaves, eggplant, zucchini, green peppers and colours (in small quantities).

Fifthly, fruits

Strawberries, berries (half a cup only, not on a daily basis) and avocados, twice every week .

Very few nuts, like almonds, macadamia, and just one occasion every week , and Syrian pulp also are allowed.

It is allowed to use the subsequent sorts of flour: Coconut flour, almond flour and sesame flour.

(All of the above must be calculated from within the daily carp percentage, preferably less than 20 grams, and not daily).

Tahini (but you ought to be 100% sesame and olive oil).

Allowed drinks

Tea of all sorts – crude cocoa without sugar – espresso without fade or sugar.

Spices, for instance , star anise, mint, cinnamon, ginger and linseed.

Benefits of the keto diet:

Reduces the probabilities of getting pimples on the skin.

It improves good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.

Get obviate excess weight.

Improving body activity.

Epilepsy treatment.

Cancer protection.

Reducing the danger of some diseases.

Boosting body energy.

Feeling better within the stomach.

Not feeling hungry.

Damages of the keto diet:

Bad breath.

kidney stones.

Feeling overwhelmed.

Feeling sick.

Severe constipation.


Digestion problems.


Leg cramps.

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