A new discovery for weight loss

By | November 27, 2020

Weight loss discovery


The discovery of a hormone in bones may be the best solution for weight loss researchers discovered, in a new study, a hormone in the body that may be an ideal treatment for slimming and weight loss. The hormone is called “Lipocalin-2 “, and proved to be able to stop the mice’ hunger and increase their feeling of being full, according to a new study published in the medical magazine “ELife“. The study data indicate that the hormone “Lipocalin-2 ” can be developed into effective and safe treatment for obesity, and can be used as a potential treatment for people with obesity, whose natural signaling of saturation no longer works normally. Hormone is produced mainly by bone cells, naturally in rats and humans, and studies of rats have shown that in the long run the administration of “Lipocalin-2 ” animals reduces eating and prevents weight gain, without slowing metabolism.


Weight loss discovery
 Weight loss discovery

“We wanted to know if it was Lipocalin,” explains the lead author of scientific research, Peerstera Luana Petropolo, who was a research scientist at Columbia University at the Irving Medical Center in New York City at the time of the study and now working at the Helmholtz Diabetes Center.   “It has equivalent outcomes on humans , and whether a portion of it will be prepared to pass the hindrance .”


Researchers found that in people of natural weight, there was an increase in levels of Lipocalin-2  after eating the meal, which coincided with their post-eating satisfaction, and in contrast, they discovered that people with overweight or obesity had lower levels of Lipocalin-2  after eating the meal. Based on the post-meal response factor, researchers classified people as unresponsive or responsive, noting that non-respondents who did not show an increase in post-meal “Lipocalin-2 ” have a higher fertility circumference and higher metabolic disease scores, including BMI, body fat, and hypertension; And increased blood sugar.


After researchers have verified that the hormone Lipocalin-2  can be transmitted to the brain, the team has investigated whether the treatment may reduce eating and prevent weight gain, and to make sure that they have tested the hormone on the monkeys for a week. The result was a 28% drop in her food compared to their pre-hormone therapy, and she had 21% less food than other monkeys that were treated with saline alone. Moreover, just a week after treatment, body weight, body fat, and blood fat measurements showed a downward trend in treated animals.

The main author of the study, Staverola Costini, a professor of organ and cellular biophysics at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center, concludes: “We have shown that Lipocalin-2  is crossing into the brain, making its way to an area under the cradle, and stopping eating in non-human primates.” “Our findings show that the hormone can reduce appetite with a negligible toxicity, and lay the foundation for the next level of “Lipocalin-2 ” clinical use on humans,” he said.

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