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10000 steps a day weight loss

10000 steps a day weight loss


How many calories do you burn 10,000 steps?


 You may have heard of the 10,000 steps a day program or noticed that this distance is set as a goal in mobile apps for weight loss.  But the 10,000 Steps may wonder how many calories you burn?  How much is this equivalent in kilometers?  Is it sufficient to reach the desired ideal weight?


 In fact, this program began to spread in Japan and was not based on medical studies, but it is commensurate with the ability of most of those who want to lose weight.  Then many studies conducted a search for the effectiveness of this program for slimming and found that it has important benefits in this area.

10000 steps a day weight loss
10000 steps a day weight loss


 What are the benefits of walking for slimming?


 Walking is an easy and inexpensive way to lose weight, especially for patients who are obese.  Walking has an important role in burning calories and getting rid of excess fat.  In addition to improving your endurance, raising the level of body energy, and preventing bone and joint problems with age.


The advantage of walking over running is that it is associated with fewer injuries, and is not tiring as running.  You may complete a large proportion of the steps required during your daily activities at work or at home.  This is what makes commitment to this program available to everyone.


 How much is 10,000 steps per kilometer equivalent?


 It is roughly equivalent to continuous walking for a distance of 6-8 kilometers, and this varies according to the person’s height and the length of his stride while walking.  It is generally an acceptable distance, so if you struggle at first, you will get used to over time.  You will complete the program easily without feeling any joint or muscle fatigue.


 How long do you need to walk ten thousand steps?


 A normal person must walk ten thousand steps, approximately 1-3 hours, and this varies counting on the length of his step and his walking speed.Some people prefer to divide the distance traveled between walking and running, walking for half an hour and running for another half hour.  This enables them to complete the daily program in a shorter time.


 How many calories do you burn 10,000 steps?


 It can be difficult to determine the exact number of calories that can be burned when walking ten thousand steps.  This is because each person can burn a different number of calories every time they perform this program.  This is because the rate of burn is affected by many factors related to each person.


 The effect of a person’s weight on the rate at which they burn calories


 In fact, it has been shown that a person’s weight and body size have a significant effect on the number of calories they burn during exercise.  This is because there is a difference in the energy required to move a small and large object.  The more calories are burned, the greater a person’s weight and body size.


 This explains the gradual decrease in the number of calories burned with the decrease in the body weight of the person who adheres to this program.  It notes a rapid loss of weight in the first 6 months, then the loss becomes less with time.


 The effect of walking speed on the number of calories burned


 Another factor affecting the number of calories a person burns while walking is their walking speed.  For example, walking with brisk, energetic steps enables you to burn approximately 7 calories per minute.  However, if you are walking at an average speed, you may burn between 3.5-4 calories per minute.


 Do genes have a role in the rate of burning calories?


 Many people can ignore the role of genetics and genetics in the number of calories a person can burn during exercise.  While many studies have proven the genetic factor is responsible for more than 70% of the difference in calories burned between people.


 How does the intensity of exercise affect the speed of burning calories?


 Of course, whenever the exercise is difficult and stressful for a person, it will burn additional calories.  For example, if we compare a person walking on flat paved ground with another walking up a bumpy road.  We find that the latter makes a double effort to walk the same number of steps.  Thus, it has a higher chance of burning additional calories.


 In general, walking 10,000 steps a day helps you burn between 260-420 calories approximately, depending on the previous factors.


 Walk 10,000 steps daily to maintain a healthy body


 Benefits of the 10,000-step program of walking daily


 There are many benefits of this program on general body health and on achieving the ideal weight, and studies may talk about many of these benefits.  Here are some of them:


 Benefits of the 10,000 steps daily program for slimming


 If you are looking to lose excess weight, you can lose about half a kilogram every week by committing to walking ten thousand steps a day.  You may feel that this is not so much, but what you lose slowly in weight does not return later on as quickly as you lose.  Because rapid weight loss affects the normal metabolism in the body and thus does not allow it to prevent the return of excess weight later.


 The daily weight loss can be increased by following a healthy diet accompanying program.  And the commitment to the amount of calories allowed per day according to each person.  This can be calculated on your own or with the help of your nutritionist.


 Walking ten thousand steps boosts heart function


 Regular exercise daily helps increase the amount of oxygenated blood that the heart sends to the tissues and muscles of the body.  This helps you to take more effort and travel 10,000 steps in a shorter time.


 The benefits of 10,000 steps daily in improving mood


 Usually linked to fatigue and boredom, the methods of slimming and burning calories may lose their desire to continue after a short time.  But in this program, walking is considered one of the most simple and enjoyable sports.  It helps a person relax, improves his general mood, and relieves him of feelings of anxiety and tension.  Especially if the person chooses a beautiful nature to walk in or listen to their favorite music while walking.


 The 10,000 steps help you focus


 Adherence to this program helps stimulate the production of good hormones such as endorphins and improve blood flow to the brain.  Which activates the person’s cognitive function and stimulates him to focus, creativity and increase production.


 The Ten Thousand Steps strengthens bones and builds muscles


 With regular daily walking, the bone structure is activated and it maintains a strong bone structure to protect it in the future from infections and diseases associated with aging.  As for muscles, walking 10,000 steps a day helps muscles grow and increase their strength day after day.  In addition to its role in enhancing the flexibility of the body and joints, which prevents joint injuries.


 Walking 10,000 steps helps cope with chronic diseases


 Studies have shown a close relationship between adherence to a 10,000-step daily walking program in the fight against chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  It helps to regulate the secretion and action of the hormone insulin in the body, and it contributes to the use of the muscles for energy from blood sugar, which lowers its levels.  Moreover, this program has benefits in regulating blood pressure and preventing its rise by improving blood flow in the arteries and preventing their blockage.


 Therefore, we note the many positive effects of a 10,000-step daily walking program.  In addition to its role in burning calories in the body and losing weight.  Commitment to this program and to a healthy and active lifestyle that protects you from many diseases and improves your daily mood.


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