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To lose weight safe and healthy steps


to lose weight 
 Safe and healthy  

 To achieve losing weight, you do not need to make great sacrifices and deprive yourself of all the foods you’re keen on . It does the trick to continuously follow a few propensities and make them an every day schedule
 during a report published by citing the Spanish magazine “Azad Salud” (azsalud), the author, Carmen Otegi, said that a lot of of the methods wont to reduce and obtain obviate fat may cause serious side effects and should lead within the future to weight gain.

To lose weight safe and healthy steps
To lose weight safe and healthy steps  

 But here we will acquaint you with 9 healthy, safe steps that need a touch of effort and perseverance to lose excess weight:

 1- Drink enough water

 beverage is an efficient thanks to reduce , as drinking enough water helps to feel full, and natural drinks like tea help speed up the metabolism process, and thus reduce .

 2- Excluding sugar

 Sugar is that the worst thing we will eat if we would like to lose weight . Over the past decades, there has been an exaggerated specialise in the connection of fat to weight gain, but actually , sugar consumption is that the favorite explanation for obesity.

 This includes sugar altogether its forms and names like white sugar, sugar , glucose, fructose, lactose, dextrose, maltose, or raffinose.

 3- Eat slowly

 Some people tend to eat very quickly, but this habit is unhealthy and not conducive to weight loss. once you eat quickly, the satiety signal doesn’t reach the brain quickly enough, therefore the stomach could also be full and yet the person continues to eat. additionally , not chewing food well may cause digestion problems.

 4- Eating in one go

 it’s wrong to place a touch food on the table then add more of it in batches. this manner we’ll not control the quantity of food consumed well, because we may overeat without even realizing it. Better to place the specified amount on the plate, and dine in one go.

 5- Avoid processed products

 Processed food companies make an excellent effort to plug their products, which leads most of the people to consume these foods, albeit they contain unhealthy ingredients and cause weight gain.

 6- Maintain a diet 

 Maintaining a diet is another key to losing weight, and this suggests that you simply eat everything that’s good for you in balanced proportions, as long because it is natural food and not processed. it’s vital to eat vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, also as protein sources like dairy products, meat and fish.

 7- Converting healthy habits into a daily routine

 Maintaining healthy habits on a day to day is vital to successfully achieving your goal of healthy weight loss. Whether it’s exercising or eating healthy foods, the important thing is that you simply maintain these habits over time. it’s imperative that we treat these habits as how of life and not just a sacrifice for a quick period of your time .

 8- Avoid stress

 thanks to the increased secretion of cortisol as a results of stress, the metabolism process is affected, which makes some people feel hungry and eat more food between meals.

 So avoid stress so as to not gain weight.

 9- Rest

 Rest is an important think about taking care of the body, maintaining health and avoiding obesity. it’s essential for the body to urge enough rest to be in balance and to avoid stress, and there’s strong evidence for an immediate relationship between lack of sleep and obesity.


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