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Become great for you


Become great for you

Become great for you
Become great for you

if you’re just starting out or haven’t
made the highest of your field yet. you
better get wont to rejection, no great
human being started from rock bottom . 
with the words yes being heard fairly often most of the people won’t offer you the time of day, most of the people won’t believe you, most of the people can’t possibly
understand what you’re capable of, most of the people will ignore you but that’s okay…

be so good they will ignore you get so
good at whatever you are doing that nobody ont his earth can look past you. 
if they need the simplest person for the work who dot hey think they consider you master. your craft and nobody nobody will ever ignore you again, did they doubt you who cares?!

be so good, they appear stupid doubting you.

then they talk behind your back, who
cares they’re behind you for reason and
as long as you’re employed continue to grow, stay focused, they’re going to always be behind.

today ignored you good it is time to grow
grow such a lot they can not ignore you grow.

so much they have you,
truth such a lot you’re the master that’s
a leader in your field, grow such a lot , they are available begging for your help, push yourself to become the person you’re destined to become.

if you would like to urge results you
have never got before you’re getting to 
have to do belongings you haven’t done

learn everything you would like to find out , pay attention to what works and also pay
attention to what doesn’t work, pay
attention to what people want, give quite anyone would ever expect. work harder than anyone would think is possible for humans were lost your crop.
muster everything to try to, to together with your crop.

no one ignores the master nobody the
master isn’t ignored the queen isn’t 
ignored the king isn’t ignored become
the master of your field be so good, they
can’t ignore you and you recognize what don’t even roll in the hay for them, roll in the hay for you grow for you, become great for you. compete against only yourself knowing you’re becoming the best version of yourself, there is no greater motivation
than that seize the instant you simply get
one you gotta realize something.

if you forward now you would possibly not get asecond chance, so you bought to find out the way to cash in of each opportunity. 

see people expecting you to fall, they’re expecting you to offer up, 
they feel if they provide you opportunity you’re gonna fail anyway, but in anything you are doing do step in and you prepare like your life depends thereon , i’m coming for everything.
they said i might never add I won’t be
I will not relent until my goal is
achieved, they will say what they like,
they can reject me, ignore me,
pretend i do not exist. I even have focused on me performing on me throwing me. developing my skills, i’m performing on us for myself alone , and that i am committed like no other to urge the absolute best …

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