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change your life


change your life 

change your life

sometimes we have to ask ourselves
what’s using my life

one of the things that we know about
is that it is always changing sometimes
you’re up sometimes you’re done

sometimes things go real well sometimes
they don’t sometimes you’re happy and
sometimes you say now that’s that being
called life and when we begin to
understand and know that something that
reality that that we will never never
have things just on a good keel all the

but you’re going to have some ups and
you’re going to have some downs but
during those down moments that’s where
the growth takes place

that’s where the work is anybody can
feel good when they have their health
their bills the pain to have happy
relationships the children are normal
anybody can be positive then anybody can
have a larger vision then anybody can
have faith under those kinds of

stiva the real challenge the real
challenge of growth mentally emotionally
and spiritually comes when you get
knocked down how you handle it

that’s where the growth takes place
what has brought you to this point what
did you learn from it are you learning
anything are you doing it over and over
and over again are you going through it
are you growing through it are you
bigger and better because of it things
are going to happen to you and the most
important thing to do is to harness your
will and let it go I’m in control here
I’m not going to let this give me that
I’m not getting to let this destroy me I’m
coming back

and I’ll be stronger and better because
of it you have got to make a declaration
this is what you stand for you’re
standing up for your dreams you’re
standing up for peace of mind you’re
standing up for health
you want it you want to go all out to
have it

yes I’m going to turn this situation
around I’m not going to sit back in and
moan and cry over what happened and what
went wrong and who did what I’m going to
do something about this situation expect
things to get better for you because
they are the life is slightly whatever
experience you’re having right now it
has not come to remain it’s come to pass
Change your life

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